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Under your spell again

you could be anything

25 July 1988
Welcome to my lj and min bio about me
Welcome to my journal
My journal is a friends only please comment to be added at the recent friends only banner entry. Thank you! :)
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Occuption: sophomore in college
LIkes: music, art, graphic design, poetry, poems, and haiku
Dislike: rap music, people think they are cool, who use sterotyping base on someone's race or clothes
Favorite music: Evanescence, cpop artists, jpop artists, HIM. Within Temptation, and anything relate to gothic music or symphonic music
My Rules

3 rules you must follow: 1) comment some entries (don't have to comment everyday but once a while so I know you are active) 2) most have a similar interests- evanescence, cpop, and within temptation or you found me at some communities like iconcontest of amy lee, one tree hill, and evanescence 3) no mean comments because is my journal I have the right what to say about people and life itself
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the difficulties of life lie within the troubles of the soul- my cousin alice's quote